India’s ‘Suryayaan’ will be launched on September 2, after the moon now towards the sun

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India’s ‘Suryayaan’ will be launched on September 2, after the moon now towards the sun:-Hello friends, after Chandrayaan 3, now Indian Space Research Organization i.e. ISRO is going to take another step in the world of space, which you will be very happy to hear, you know that Chandrayaan 3 has been successfully landed recently, which It is a matter of great pride for our country today after the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3, there is a wave of happiness among the people, from this we can feel that after continuous efforts, we will definitely get success one day because you know That the Indian Space Research Organization had launched Chandrayaan 1 and Chandrayaan 2 before Chandrayaan 3, but due to some technical reasons, the successful landing of these Chandrayaans could not happen, we will tell you what ISRO is going to do next after Chandrayaan 3 in today’s post. An important information is going to be given about it, for this you must see this post till the end.

Know about Aditya-L1 Suryaan

With this, friends, let us tell you for an important information that after the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3, ISRO is now going to step towards the sun in the next month i.e. September, this step is a matter of pride for our country, if it is also a If the mission is successful, then there will be a wave of double happiness in our country, which no citizen of the country can imagine today, let us tell you for information that in September, the sun towards which the vehicle is going to go, whose name is Aditya-L1, this vehicle People are lovingly calling it as Suryaan, Aditya L1 will be launched on 2nd September 2021 from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota and all the vehicles launched by ISRO are Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota, let’s go Aditya L1 About other vehicle information

Aditya L1 mission will complete mission in 127 days

The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO is going to launch the Aditya L1 mission on 2 September 2023, its launch will also be from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, where Mr. Nilesh M. Desai, director of ISRO’s Space Applications Center in Ahmedabad, said that This Aditya L1 is ready for launching, this vehicle will complete the journey of 1.5 million kilometers in about 127 days, it will be deployed in Hello Orbit, from where it will get information about other activities of the sun, as well as this vehicle will be located at L1 point. This point may be located between the sun and the earth, but it is only 1 percent compared to the distance from the sun to the earth, and also let us tell you a special thing related to this vehicle that this mission will be launched with a PSLV rocket.

See Aditya L1 vehicle will take important information of Sun

VELC camera installed in Aditya L1 vehicle will take photo of sun with high quality We had told you above that this vehicle will be launched by PSLV rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota Principal Investigator of VELC Payload Raghavendra Prasad said in the media report that a scientific camera installed in this payload will take high resolution pictures of the sun, apart from this it will also do spectroscopy and polarimetry. In this way, friends, our country is moving towards a developing country and standing independently steadily gaining momentum

Conclusion:- Friends in today’s article India’s ‘Suryayaan’ will be launched on September 2, after the moon, now about the sun is given in detail. That’s why we hope that you must have liked this article today, and you must have got some help from today’s article. If you have any opinion about this article, then you must tell us by commenting below.

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